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Thread: York FAX4000

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    Would anyone have any information on this interface?

    It was a hybrid Andover Controls/York product used on some chillers in the early days.

    I have a York document number (FAX-YORK TALK Form 450.00-NSU8.1), would anyone out there have the document?

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    Yes I remember it well,

    I still see a few of them out their the interface is RS232 accessible with hyperterminal probably defaulted to 1200 baud N,8,1 half duplex but try other baud rates hope this helps

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    I'll look this weekend and see if I have any old doc's. It's just an Andover 256 with a York label on it, so if you find any 256 stuff, that's all you need.

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    [QUOTE=;1061656]Would anyone have any information on this interface?

    We use the Andover Controls/York FAX4000 product used on some chillers. Even though we no longer own chillers, we still have ozone generators to control from the remote location. The FAX4000 software is so old and unreliable, thus we are looking for a replacement of software only. We plan to keep the Andover Controls. Do you know anyone who can do this? Thank you for your help, in advance.

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    Tridium has a driver for Andover 256. Contact your favorite Tridium branded vendor - Tridium Vykon, Honeywell WEBs, Invensys I/A, Staefa, etc.

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