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    Outdoor unit was off - high bill - aux heat

    Hi, Really hope you can help us.

    My wife has said that the system has not been behaving properly (was away on business) and we got a very high bill today for the electricity.

    The weather here in KY has been cold and needles to say, the heat has been on but it has been on emergency and aux heat and the air coming from the vents has been cooler rather than warm.

    I replaced the filter this morning and found that the outdoor unit was actually for some reason turned off in the outdoor fuse box. I have now turned it back on again - will this be the end of my troubles or is there something more sincere going on behind the scenes.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.


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    Is it a heat pump system or a straight AC system?

    If you don't know for certain, post model and serial numbers of indoor and outdoor units and someone can decipher them.

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    Thanks for your response

    The outdoor unit is a trane high efficiency weathertron heat pump xe 1000

    The indoor unit is a trane twg036a 140b1

    The thermostat is a taystat 540

    Once again, any help will be much appreciated

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    If the outdoor unit was off, then the only heat you had was from your backup heat. Typically electric heat.

    I could see that getting expensive.

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    Should be fine.

    If the system hasn't been touched for a few years it would be a good idea to have a complete cleaning and tune-up.

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    You said the thermostat was on emergency heat which will also prevent the outdoor unit from coming on. It should be in the heat mode to operate properly, the auxilary heat may not be big enough to heat the house normally by itself. I agree a checkup is always beneficial!

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