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    What would you do?

    Built a home in Phx, AZ. a few years ago. Had the HVAC contractor put a larger heat pump in to accomodate an addition that would be built at a later time. The addition is 300 sq. ft., above a garage, and is the only room above the single level home. My dilemma is, do I consider tying into the existing air handler utilizing an adjustable duct damper , consider going with a minisplit or possibly putting in a new 1 ton heat pump? Suggestions?

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    if the original was sized for this then thats your most economical route
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    Agreed! you need to utillize the extra btus from that unit. You can install a mortorized damper and thermostat in that area but it would only open and close the damper and not control the system on and off. In other words you would only get air in that room if the main stat is calling.

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    Chances are your system was oversized before the second overszing that you asked for. If you add a zone with a damper you may be trying to force X amount of air through a duct that is sized for Y amount of air. How many sq feet is the home vs the new addition? Do you know what size equipment you have on the home and most importantly what your heat loss and heat gain is?
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