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    Lightbulb DIY Air Purifier [Box-Fan + HEPA]

    I live in a turn of the century home (1910-ish) and we do not have a central air system, we don't even have baseboards! We heat our house with the propane heater on the side of the stove that I believe the house came with, it's a two family double apartment so it's not THAT big; it does an okay job at heating. My father does not want to change it he likes things original (woodwork and everything) however we did put in a brand new Buderus Logano G125 with a Logamatic computer on the top along with a hot water holding tank somewhere around 40 gallons, it says Logalux on it (I'm not necessarily an HVAC guy as you can tell) but this is for the sinks, showers, and the baseboards on the apartment we rent it actually has those really old ones that contain a ton load of metal and stay warm for a long time I forget what they are called but everyone wants them since they have so much metal they are too expensive to produce anymore. ANYWAY.....

    So my room gets really dusty, I keep my door shut most the time plus I smoke in here and burn incense sometimes, etc. My huge glass top desk collects dust in a matter of a day or two it's really aggravating. I need a solution and most air purifiers are pretty steep in price and on top of that the filters are pricey just like the vacuum bag market. I found this simple solution:

    I'm going to start with a cheap fiberglass filter and when that fills up I will slowly upgrade up the MERV chain, when I reach 11 I'll stop upgrading and start using a cheap fiberglass filter over the MERV 11's so that maybe the HEPA will last a little longer.

    They also made this shroud you can buy for $25 that accepts a 16x16 furnace filter (4" smaller than the 20x20 I have on the fan now). I think this is a poor design and it increases the resistance on the motor which could become a fire hazard as I wish to run mine 24/7:

    My room is 10ft x 11ft so I am hoping this works, just leave it on low all the time. The hard part (even online) is finding a GOOD, solid, quiet, 20x20 box fan!

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    This is what I finally completed, it holds two 20x20 filters. One Filtrete Ultra Allergen 1500 and a cheap Flanders fiberglass filter acting as a prefilter OVER the Filtrete.

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    Whats your static on that system? (jk)

    "Better tell the sandman to stay away, because we're gonna be workin on this one all night."

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    "Just get it done son."

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    Not smoking and burning incense indoors would make a bigger difference - the best way to keep the air clean is to stop polluting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amd View Post
    Not smoking and burning incense indoors would make a bigger difference - the best way to keep the air clean is to stop polluting it.
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    The frustrating thing about most visible dust is it's so heavy it falls out of the air before it can get to the filter. You will see more dust collecting on flat horizontal surfaces than you will see on the filter.

    The filter is good for removing some of the dust particles that might otherwise enter your lungs.
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    my diy air filter

    I just wrote about this kind of thing and thought I'd share my very simple box fan + filter. Took just a few minutes to build once I'd gone out and picked up a furnace filter. Details + pics here:

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    hmmmmmm......burning incense and smoking what ?

    j/k none of my business.

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