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    Portable maybe, quality - yes. U48-22 about $700 3 years ago.

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    Originally posted by Jultzya
    I would not own the one in the first link.

    The only thing wrong with the one in the second link is this: Weight: 290 lbs.

    Doesn't make it very portable.
    Yes, it's a compromise between weight and mobility. It's portable as in put it in you truck and transport it.

    In theory, couldnt you put these two things in your truck, plus a mini pitts, and be able to do anything? maybe put them on one of those roll out beds, they have a double deck that you could put the sheets in.

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    Originally posted by doglips
    first time I seen 1 person..much less 2 people post something positive about Harbor Freight without being tared and feathered.... kind of shocked me.
    Yeah, and I get tagged for mentioning Malco.

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    Black is white.... up is down..... wft is this world coming to!

    But.. yeah, the malco break sucks! I tried bending a piece of .040 alum that was around 12-14" long and it couldn't do it. It made it to 45 deg before the leaf just popped out and scratched the heck out of the alum. If it can't bend something that small I can't imagine it'd do good on 26 ga much less 24 ga.
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    Interesting.... I had higher hopes for the Malco break. I have never seen one personally but was hoping they would be ok for taking on a job that wouldnt be covenient going back to the shop to build stuff. Picked up a 4' tennsmith years ago thinking of possibly setting up a trailer but never did. Now I would just like something small that 1 guy could throw in the truck and take along, not gonna be that tennsmith at its weight.

    Guess I will just keep my eyes open for something more potable because of all these shown, nothing looks light enough other then the malco. From the sounds of it in here , thats not what I want.

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    my last company had a three footer called the travl brake, i don't know much more about it. very portable.

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    I just sold my Malco Break after trying to use it for the last year. It doesn't really bend, it more suggests that the metal turn in some direction. Really awful. But at least I got 1/3 of my money back before the thieves broke into my shop and stole all my tools yesterday. I guess that the positive side of this.

    Don't waste your money on a Malco break!
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    OK, here ya go,... I beleive there is such a thing as a magna break. It uses magnetic power to clinch the metal and it looked pretty portable to me. I don't got a link but I'm pretty sure thats what it was called so look it up yourselves. If I remember right it also sported an extream bending angle.

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    we have an old heavy 3' brake in our install truck makes life good on installs.

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