call came in as top shelf temping too high. other tech was out said it was because there was a register in ceiling above it and blowing heat down on it, recommended moving duct. I went there the case was at 50. found t stat set for 35 and open. turned down, cycled on.

did find that the fan motor closest to sensing bulb seized up causing that part of coil to get colder with no air movement over it causing stat to cycle off. Replaced motor and cleaned out returns and even pulled case apart to clean off the deflectors going up the center. cycled case came down to temp several times. had mgr put product in and would return in morning.

returned this morning and case at 37-38 but mgr says top tier is still temping at 41-48.
I did not get the case model, bad me, but it is very similar to the RIN3 case

Anything Im missing? any suggestions to get more air flow up to the top level.
BTW there are 4 motors @ 12 watts ea.

Thanks guys