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    I am strictly looking for pros opinion of this heater. I recently pruchased this unit, and i am debating taking it back strictly on the basis of where it is made. My father has a real issue with parts/machines made in China, and now he has me thinking.

    I never was able to dig up much other than a few personal opinions on the net. Safety is the primary concern. Can i depend on this unit to be safe in a garage physically connected to my home? and If not, what is a suitible, safe replacement?

    I posted in the past with differant requirements, but after going through a partial winter, and realising how much/little i will want to use the heat, i changed my mind for my criteria.

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    First, I've never heard of the equipment before. Second, most of the HVAC equipment, except for the mini-split market, are made in the USA. Personally, I'd like to keep it that way. The few dollars you might save with a Made in China unit can't be very much. The bulk of the cost of a furnace or AC installation is in the labor to do the job properly. So saving a few bucks on the equipment just isn't worth the effort, IMO.
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