I have a two year old Trusteam that won't kick on the airhandler fan this season. (Airhandler and heat pump work fine) IAQ tells the unit it needs humidity, unit boils the water, but the fan won't kick on. I've tried all the fan options for IAQ parameter 25. Setting 25-2 (humidity turns fan on) is the only one that allows the unit to turn on the humidity light and boil water. When I switch it to 25-1, the unit shuts the humidity off. Wiring appears to be OK -- it worked like this last year ! I do not have any blinking LED error lights. This is on a separate 20A circuit, so I should have sufficient amperage (this was a problem a poster had on another HVAC site). I've rebooted and reset the unit and the IAQ configs..

Seems like it should be a programming issue, but I can't find an answer in the manuals. I've called Honeywell Customer Care, but they say they can't help homeowners -- even for this type of problem.

Any help or guidance is appreciated. http://hvac-talk.com/vbb/images/smilies/gah.gif

Thanks !!