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    Heat pump TXV problem

    So I just went to charge my new York YHJF24S41S heat pump last night only to find out that the txv valve is stuck wide open (equal pressure on high and low side on gauges). Always a great thing after you pump a bunch of shiny new refrigerant in it. I'm looking to find out the best way to replace this POS vavle hopefully without loosing that shiny new refrigerant or with minimal loss. I have heard of pinching off lines on both sides, but i have the 3/8 liquid going to one side of the txv and about 7 or 8 1/8" lines on the other which doesn't sound like fun pinching all those off? I was also wondering if I can pinch off the 3/8" liquid line at the txv, run the compressor, then close the factory valve on the suction line right at the condensor immediately after I turn the system off. Will this destroy the compressor, or if I am watching the gauges while doing it, can i fill the liquid line up and the resivour some before I open the system up to minimize refrigerant loss. The rest of the refrigerant I would have to recover? I do not have enough refrigerant left to just recover the entire system and do not feel like buying an entire bottle to do this due to this being my last ac job. Your pro help would be greatly appreciated!

    On another note, I was wondering how they do the factory pre-charge (for 15' of lines) of these units without ruining them. Anyone know this?

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    To give a little more info, the txv valve is model 1TVM4G1. It is a 2 ton 15 seer unit with a 3.5 ton evaporator coil. It is coupled with the York modulating 98% nat gas furnase 60k btu YP9C model. Again thanks for all your help, always enjoyed reading on this forum!

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    This is not a DIY forum.

    While any one of us knows how to do what you are asking, the forum rules and common sense prevent is from explaining it to you over the Internet.

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