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    Supply Air Register Location (Floor or Ceiling)

    Building a new two storey 3800 sf home in Toronto where heating and cooling is a given. Going with one system for the ground floor and one system for the second floor.

    The better half suggests putting the Supply Air Registers in the CEILING of all the rooms if possible so that furniture placement, curtains, etc. are not affected by one located in the FLOOR

    Does anyone see any problem with this ?
    I'm thinking it would be ideal for the cooling in summer...but not so good for heating in the winter.

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    Your better half is pretty smart!
    The traditional approach would have been floor registers in heating dominate areas (certainly you) and ceiling in cooling areas. Then several years ago we would have said it was OK to do floor on first and ceiling on second floor.

    Today with better insulated walls and windows the surface temps are no longer as low, SO the current thinking is very much in line with what your only redeeming quality says.

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    Best way

    First, is it possible that the ducts can be in the conditioned space? If so, then the one with the conditioned space!

    Secondly, but if there is no conditioned space, then the next place should be in an enclose area.

    Thirdly, if no enclosed area, then perhaps in the ground if house is on the slab.

    I'll stop now.

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    I think that's a good idea. Much better flexibility for furniture and such. Good sizing and duct layout and design will have the greatest impact.

    2 system si a good idea, but make sure a good load calculation is doen and they are sized correctly. If you use spray foam or other superior insualtion system, don't be suprised if you only need a 1.5 or 2 ton unit on each floor... especially in Toronto. Personalyl I'd put a 2 stage unit upstairs too, if that's where the bedrooms are.

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