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    Leaking steam pipe

    Found this beauty a couple of weeks ago on a No Heat call. Leaking main return on a steam boiler. Water was pouring out of it. Needless to say, it was shut down.

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    those make life easy
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    More work needed to fix..........
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    Damn phosgene

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    Quote Originally Posted by bustedknuckles View Post
    And Now! For You! Direct from Davy Jones Locker!
    Ha!...It does look like it has barnacles all over it.
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    My home's boiler main return looked like that, decommissioned it after many more internal leaks were found (the unit was MANY decades old).

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    At least it is above the floor where it can be noticed, not that it was for a long period of time. I wonder how much unnecessary damage was done to the system due to this excess of feed water. Yet another reason for water meters on the make-up water line and at the very minimum bi-weekly checks on residential steam boilers.

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