I've got a building where I'm using the IFC com4 driver for Tridium on. I'm integrating some Voyager units along with some UCM's in a VTT configuration. There were originally CCTs (I think that's what they're called) that controlled these systems, that we ripped out.

There are UCM controllers for the terminal units, and they're also used for the bypasses.

I have found that if the bypass UCM's are set up as a bypass.....it will read static pressure, but I am not able to override the damper position via MaxFlow%.

On the flip side, if I set the UCM up as a Varitrac VAV, I can command the damper position, but it will no longer read static pressure.

All in all, I have static pressure control set up in my JACE, and I wanted to use it to control the bypass.

As a hail mary, I opted to try dual UCM's with one set up as a bypass that reads the static, and the second set up as a Varitrac VAV which is wired to the damper acuator, in which I control the damper position....

Half the time, the UCM that reads static will actually read it and the other half, it will read zero. I've verified that air IS moving when this occurs. (This is another problem I'm working on.)

I'd rather use only one UCM, and my question is, has anyone ever done/heard of an integration like this? I'm by far not a Trane guy, and want to keep it that way, but want to make this system work.

I'm also bound to com4. If I could, I would have thrown in another brand actuator and tied it to my Tridium I/O module and called it a day.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!