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Thread: R22/410A

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    here's what we're doing for an upstairs install. cut the old lines off where accessable ,up and down, flush and re-pipe with new. less to flush ,thereby a can of flush can clean better and you don,t have to worry about the dips (traps) in the horizontal portion. establish size first of course.
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    You revived a 2 year old thread.

    You could have posted this in the current one about reusing lines for R410A.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tostaos View Post
    [/b] You guys better start stocking up on R-22 in case there is no replacement for it there is a lot of equipment that uses R-22 and buy it while it is here and avalible i have allready bought 3 jugs of it and plan to buy more.
    The prices for R-22 will go up, but they can go up quite a bit just to reach the price of R-410a. There is no replacement for it is just wrong and a scare tactic.
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