A Trane dealer says when the R22 outdoor condensor (compressor) wears out (No R22 units after 2010), he does NOT recommend indoor coil (evaporator) be flushed & reused with R410a condensor. A commercial HVAC tech said it's ok (maybe depends on indoor coil type???). 3rdgenhvac's remarks (410 higher pressure etc) is one more reason I am leaning towards a Trane R22 (1.5 or 2 ton XB13). The Copeland website says 2 million scrolls sold. I'm sure they are good (quiet too). But, it reinforces R410a hasn't been around as long, like cde72's comments about "R410a questionable history of reliability". I hope to have a system with NO leaks and not need recharge (impossible?). Do you really plan to be in your condo 15 years from now?