Hello there, I'm looking for some advice on a Hobart Lxih dishwasher. The problem is that it gets the error code E3 a few times a week. I have done a little research and here is what I have tried so far. First, I understand that the E3 code has something to do with a low water level. To get around the E3 code we turn the unit off and back on again. While it is filling we dump a pitcher of water in and it seems to run fine after that. The first thing I tried was to attempt to do several delimings. In talking with the owner I found out that in the two years she has had it no one has done a delming. She bought it used so who knows if it has ever been delimed. So I have attempted to deli me it several times. Following instructions I used CLR. It has never completed a successful deli Ming cycle. During the cycle I either get a E3 code or if I fill it with a pitcher then I get an E5 code, which I believe is an overfill code. I just ran it again and got E5 without adding a pitcher. Any suggestions on how to help it complete a deli me cycle?

I did a little more research and people online have suggested it could be insufficent incoming water pressure. When it filled the PSI was at about 10. The Taco 3350 pressure reducing valve was set as high as possible. The shut off valve just before it was an old globe valve that wouldn't fully close. So I replaced it with a ball valve and that brought the PSI up to about 20. I thought that would take care of it. Sure enough the E3 persists. Could it be a bad sensor? How would I test for that? Anyone out there have any other suggestions? Your input would be greatly appreciated.