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    High CFM install?

    Creative to say the least!

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    I like the tan file cabinet where the air cleaner should be.
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    What some people think during installation about airflow is beyond me.

    Gotta love the trap after the vent......not to mention the vent stack that will guarantee water running through the furnace if the drain line plugs up.
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    Looks like a 115 btu. Probably got a 5ton on it.

    Crazy about the trap. I still don't get how people don't know how to run a drain.

    About the filters. Are people saying there's a problem there? If so:
    We use a mini-pleat system. Our mini-pleats, have quite a decent PD. To compensate for the PD on anything over 3 ton, 2 mini-pleat racks are required. You can "double stack" like they did, if you don't have the room. It would be preferable to do a "wrap around", where you tag both sides of the furnaces, rack on each side.
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    You wonder why some creatures eat there own!!
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    Don't see that everyday. lol.

    Also there's no cap on the condensate vent, which is BEFORE the trap.

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