Need some clarification on HRV and dehumidification on an atypical new residential construction.

The new house is 3600 sqft split evenly between basement, first, and second floors. The house will be extremely tight and well insulated with SIP panels (e.g. R42 walls/roof, ICF basement walls, 6" rigid foam in the basement floor), so it doesn't require a lot of energy to heat or cool (25% of a standard sized home). The heat will be provided by radiant heating, and there are no plans for air conditioning. Therefore, there is no central air handler.

However, since the house is so tight, an HRV with ductwork is mandatory.

Even though the house is tight, there is nothing to prevent humidity from coming into the house; so it was assumed that a dehumidifier would be needed to take out some of the moisture in the humid summers. A portable unit is not going to cut it, so is there some way to hook up the dehumidifier directly to the HRV, so that they share the same ductwork or should it just remain two distinct systems due to different air flow requirements and usage patterns?