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    Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove problem

    Hi everyone. I just joined here because I have a problem with my Quadra-Fire Castille Pellet Stove. I just had the chimney cleaned yesterday, and after that cleaning the stove was put back in place and started. (Stove had been thoroughly cleaned last week and had not run since.) The stove ran for two hours and I shut it down and let it cool. I noticed the electronics box (black box) was dusty so used a damp cloth to wipe it clean. I then attempted to start the stove and it wouldn't start. Tried several times, but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've never had a problem like this before, and we've had this stove approximately 8 years. Thanks!

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    Unplug the stove
    wiggle the control box so you're sure it is firmly seated into its contacts
    double check the power cord attachment to the stove
    plug in--should go through diagnostic check and exhaust blower run for a minute

    make a call for heat from the stat
    if no red call light, pull plug and check fuse at module-replace as needed
    if red light but does not continue sequence, hit the reset button one time. it should feed pellets, turn on the blower and energize the igniter. If not, call for service

    This is not a DIY site so not much else we can help you with. These steps are within a homeowner's capability but not much after this.

    Oh, yes, make sure your hopper is full of pellets.

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    Thanks Hearthman! We actually had done most of that, even tried a new fuse but it still won't start. Finally got our dealer to call us back, and have scheduled service in two weeks. Unfortunately, this dealer is not the best in customer service, but hopefully they will get the stove running again. Thanks again for your suggestions!

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    We need more information than "it wont start" in order to help you. what exactly is is not doing? no red "call" light? not feeding pellets? no power?

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