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    This is my 2nd year at vo-tech for heating and air and it's almost over with. Now Im confused on what to do next. We have an optional 3rd year which is basically apprenticeship but I don't know if I can do that cause I only have ten days left to sigh up for it, but since I only have type 1 EPA license and you need type 1 and type 2. Should I go into an Union? I don't what to do. I really just want to work for a company right away and get away from school and become a service technician. Any advice is appreciated Thanks.

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    Either way you will be an apprentice and start off doing installations.

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    what state do you live in?
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    Have you compared aditional schooling, licences etc. as well as wages between the union and non union options?

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    First of all, I wish to commend you for going to school. So many people say you dont learn by studying so they look down upon formal education.
    However, not all schools are operated the same. And not all schools provide a suitable education. In fact, most fail in this regard! Unfortunately.

    Here is what happens to people who stay in the trade once they started off with schooling as you have done.

    You need head knowledge, the basics of the cycle for the various types of systems you will be working with.
    Second you need opportunity in order to work alongside a suitable Mentor.
    Not all experienced journey level mechanics are able to pass along knowledge.
    So many are afraid of losing their position to a younger hot shot. (who is paid much less)

    You need basic hand tools.

    You need to know the sequence of operation for what you are about to inspect.
    If you do not know what it is supposed to be doing right now, you will never know what or where to check.

    Do not start out in installs unless you want to spend the next several years stuck doing residential work.

    I do commercial refrigeration service.
    Walk in coolers, reach in boxes, ice makers, freezers.
    Yes, I even do some air conditioning. But honestly, I'd rather just work on low temp work, not too much with high temp stuff.
    They are NOT the same.
    Each has it's own challenges and rewards.

    You will need benefits eventually. You will need stable work, right now.
    So that means you want to keep your eyes open for some outfits who are honorable.

    I would invite you to New Orleans and learn beside me, but my employer does not qualify.

    Jus remember this, talk is cheap. Action is what you get paid to perform and what the customer expects from their service contractor.
    If your employer is an action oriented person and not just a talker, you should have a great positon for years to come.

    A workmen is worth his wages. An employer who lives an honorable life knows this and treats their employees with respect and dignity.

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