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    My name is Corey and I work for a controls distributor. I am an Applications Engineer. I recently graduated from NWTC (local tech college) with an associated degree in HVAC/R.

    My main job duties are to draw the controls drawings for various jobs. I worked and a Maintenance Mechanic for 5 years at a local hospital. So far I've done 1-2 drawing jobs and will start a 64+ drawing job soon. I really enjoy my new job; I have had it for 7 months now.

    I have a 9 month old daughter and I've been married for 7 years.

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    Welcome EH!
    You can learn a bunch here....
    Good Luck.
    Never give up; Never surrender!

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    welcome aboard,

    daughter, huh, they'll turn your would upside down

    just wait, one day, you'll have grandkids and figure out the reward for raising children

    always remember:

    grandchildren are the reward for not killing your own kids
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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