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    Was curious to know opinions on these two systems? Both 5 ton.

    WateFurnace E060 and the Carrier GT-PX

    The specs and feature seem real close.

    I also live in central illinois and could save some money if I do a horizontal loop. Is there in advantages in doing a vertical loop?


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    Carrier sells relabeled climatemaster products. Climatemaster & Water Furnace are both excellant products. It looks like the carrier GT-PX is the same as the climatemaster tranquility 27 which is excellent. I'm not familiar with the water furnace line but I assume the E is the top of the line unit.
    You will want to make sure you get the hot water generator option. You should ask the installer if he is planning on installing a seperate hot water tank that the hwg will be piped to.
    The problem with a horizontal loop is you need to figure out exactly how much area will be excavated for the loop. You will never be able to build a pool, barn, or anything else in this area. If you are okay with that then if it is done correctly a horizontal closed loop and vertical closed loop will do the same thing.
    I personally prefer vertical closed loops.


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    I am wondering if the original poster ever came to a conclusion on this question. I am having exactly the same problem deciding between the two systems. I am building in Iowa and have a bid for the Waterfurnace E060 and the Carrier Geothermal unit. My bids are both for 5 ton units and are almost identical in price. Both are dealers of both products but each prefer one over the other for conflicting reasons. Both companies are hightly reputable in our area and so we are having trouble deciding who to go with other than eni meeni mini mo. Any advice?

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    Water Furnace and the Climate Master(carrier) both great hot water a must!!! Pick based on dealer if he is in IGSHPA use him or go look at a job he did.Equipment to close to call.We go vertical because it looks like World War One in the yard with the 5 ton trenches.

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    climatemaster tranquility 27 is a very nice piece of equipment. We have installed a few. Very very quiet. They have a dealer locater on their website.

    I have been to schools on the waterfurnace but not installed any.

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    We went with the GT-PX. All in all in my opinion the carrier is a better quality product. One big item is the scroll compressor in the carrier. The water furnace uses a traditional compressor.

    Any way without going into detail I feel that if anything does go wrong carrier and the contractor will be prompt to make things right.

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    Waterfurnace actually uses a 2 speed compressor on the E060. They don't make a 2 speed scroll.
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    The Climatemaster Tranquility uses a 2 stage scroll compressor, which does the same thing as a 2 speed recip.


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