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    Bizerba se8 slicer

    I have one of my customers from he** with a se8.
    The only problem with the unit is the thickness knob is very hard to turn.
    I've delt with this with Berkel's and Globe's a number of times with easy access to the mechinism from the underside of the slicer.
    Access from the bottom is blocked by a solid Alum plate

    Anyone know how to gain access ? or have a service manual ?

    I need a heads up before I return because Mr pain in my azz #1 will not allow me to take it to my shop. And #2 will stand over my shoulder watching and timing, yes timing my every move. If I remove a wrong plate he will make a note of it and later refuse to pay the full bill because I as he puts it Wasted time by not knowing what I'm doing.

    Yeah it is his last service call from me.

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    Don't work on it. If something breaks you may not be able to get it. SE8's are over 12 years old.

    But in case you do the usual problem is the outboard bushing behind the gauge plate. The seal lets meat grease in and it tightens up on the rod. Also it is a self aligning bushing that allows it to move as the gauge plate moves if this freezes up you will experience tightness in only a part of the stroke. My experience has been the aluminum base corrodes around the bushing so when you try to change it you run into all kinds of issues. Try to lubricate with Bizerba oil or very light mineral based oil.

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