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    Incredible Engineering Breakthrough!

    It's the Heat Surge HT room heater with Hybrid-Thermic technology housed in a beautiful solid wood cabinet handcrafted by those Buckeye Amish folks. This thing sounds incredible.

    From the Heat Surge comments in Red

    This is the revolutionary Heat Surge HT, the first-ever appliance with Hybrid-Thermic™ heat technology. (note it's just trademarked - not patented) Hybrid-Thermic heat is an engineering genius so advanced, it actually uses a micro-furnace from the Coast of China (It's capitalized, it must be a real country) and a thermal heat exchanger (Aren't all heat exchangers thermal?) to perform its miracles. (The only miracle is seperating you from your cash) The thermal heat exchanger acts like the rays of the sun to heat you, (Do you have to wear gamma ray protection?)the kids, the pets and everything else. The micro-furnace then heats (It heats you and the pets up first) all the surrounding air. (What the Hell else would it heat?) Together, this Hybrid-Thermic heat warms both you and the air around you, taking care of all the cold spots. In fact, it actually produces Ortho-Thermic™, (I feel better already just knowing it's Ortho-Thermic) bone-soothing heat.

    This modern marvel uses just a trickle of electricity and saves you money based on a U.S. average that says it uses only about 9 of electricity an hour on the standard setting, yet it produces up to an amazing (Freaking amazing) 4,606 British Thermal Units (BTU’s) on the high setting.
    I feel better knowing there are still snake oil salesmen out there looking out for me.

    And I know, I know, this is an old scam resurfaced but I couldn't resist after seeing a full page ad in yesterday's Houston Chronicle. Good grief, Houston of all places.
    The picture in my avatar is of the Houston Ship Channel and was taken from my backyard. I like to sit outside and slap mosquitos while watching countless supertankers, barges and cargo ships of every shape and size carry all sorts of deadly toxins to and fro. It's really beautiful at times.....just don't eat the three eyed fish....

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    C'mon, I was born in Houston and my mother grew up there...she said she remembered it snowing there....twice.
    Don't worry zombies are looking for brains, you're safe...

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    "The thermal heat exchanger acts like the rays of the sun to heat you, the kids, the pets and everything else."

    That's pretty cool. I install a separate furnace for the owner, one for the kids, and I usually install dog bed heaters for the dogs. But sometimes the owners just put fur coats on the animals to keep them warm, I bet that's expensive. I had no idea you could do it all with one unit.

    I already knew about the orthothermic technology though. I modified a microwave that I can fit inside of and when I step inside, it heats up my bones. I knew I should have patented that idea.

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    Cut them some slack, they are Amish so maybe this is exciting new technology to them. Wait until they figure out the iron horse, I wonder what they will say about it.

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    4.6k BTUH = 1,350 watts. Ain't no tricklin' current being pulled by that heater, fo' sho'.

    I would imagine the only Amish involvement is in the cabinet making and/or design, since by tradition Amish are rather anti-technology.

    The amount of buzzwords in that ad quote should trigger most anyone's BS alarm, but then again, you can sell anything if you market it well enough...
    • Electricity makes refrigeration happen.
    • Refrigeration makes the HVAC psychrometric process happen.
    • HVAC pyschrometrics is what makes indoor human comfort happen...IF the ducts AND the building envelope cooperate.

    A building is NOT beautiful unless it is also comfortable.

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    Talking about snake oil salesmen

    Talking about snake oil salesmen

    The EZ Breathe system works like magic.
    " It's the homeowner responsibility to supply good quality replacement air"
    I wonder where I can get that replacement air from?

    We are certain that you will be delighted with your EZ Breathe ventilation system and so we offer the best guarantee and warranty in the industry. The EZ Breathe ventilation system comes with a full performance guarantee, which allows you to obtain a refund for the purchase price of the unit(s) after one (1) year of operation from the date of purchase. As it may take a significant amount of time to reduce the moisture content of various building materials (i.e. concrete, cinder block drywall, etc.), furniture, etc. in the area serviced by your EZ Breathe unit, this system must be allowed to operate through a complete seasonal cycle of twelve (12) months to fully benefit from the effectiveness of ventilation. Acceptable airflow and air quality (i.e. under 50% relative humidity) requirements of the replacement air must be established and maintained for the unit to assist in reducing humidity and air pollutants, and it is the homeowner's responsibility to do so.

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    Nobody knows electric like the Amish.
    Maintenance Guy
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    Saw one of those heaters last week- it sucks up 13 AMPS - says 1500w/110v on the name plate, but no amp draw.

    You need a dedicated circuit to run that thing.

    Came across it due to a service call- fuse kept blowing- did a service change just today- the fuse was blowing due to the load and the socket had burned apart and was heating the fuse up as well.
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