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    Confused Supply pipe for installed Majestic MRC42A

    We recently moved into a house with a gas fireplace, Majestic model MRC42A, on the first floor. There's a gas line in the basement leading to the fireplace and a key value and key in the floor in front of the fireplace. The probem is there's no supply line coming out of the wall of the fireplace, just a hole and what looks like a bit of conduit back in there.

    In the basement, the pipe continues horizontally past the valve. It goes a few feet toward the fireplace and then goes vertically up into the floor. I can't figure out how to access the end of this line to connect up the gas logs kit I just purchased at Lowes. It seems like I'll have to disassemble the fireplace, but I can't see how. Removing the one vertical metal panel at the right side of the fireplace doesn't reveal the gas line.

    I don't have any instruction manual from the previous owners, and I don't see anything about this model at the Majestic site.

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    so the majestic is or is not hooked up?

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    MRC42A is a wood burning fireplace ??? no need for gas line. If you want to install a gas log set than you should be hiring a pro. Not something to mess with yourself.
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    Yes, I wanted to install a ventless gas log system in the Majestic, which had a gas log system in it before (a vented ne, I'm guessing). But the previous owner took everything, including the pipe going into the wall! The basement gas line and floor key valve and key were all still there and I was advised that it wouldn't be tough to hook up. The problem was going that last foot from the end of the gas line (beyond the valve). It was hidden behind a wall. I was trying to find out if I could disassemble the Majestic from inside to get to it. I finally found someone at a fireplace store who said it couldn't be done, the outside box is riveted together. I ended up prying off one of the hearth tiles which allowed me to reach the end of the gas line. There was just an elbow there, not even a cap! The local hardware store sold me all the black iron pipe, elbows, flex pipe and flared connectors I needed to complete the job. I used pipe dope special for natural gas and tested all the joints with soapy water. Everything seems to work. I just need to regrout around the tile now. One last question: I skipped the step of screwing the grate to the floor, which didn't seem necessary, especially with the flex pipe. Is this truly necessary? I thought if I ever need to move it slightly, it would be a pain to take off all the gas logs and unscrew and then reassemble.

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