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  1. Gas Valve Connection

    Thanks for the suggestion. This was an early-on suspect (but not the problem), since as you know, the connector contains a circuit board with a full-wave rectifier in it so that DC can be applied to...
  2. M199 Problem Resolved

    Problem isolated. After talk with HTP rep, looked for fault to ground on one of the sensors. There was no fault to ground but high resistance (10's of ohms that drifted around in the vent high temp...
  3. Thanks Chris, new to the forum. Slight addendum...

    Thanks Chris, new to the forum. Slight addendum for what it's worth. Service tech here yesterday thinks induction fan (more specifically its control board since the fan runs fine) may have defect....
  4. Munchkin M199 Boiler Fails to Light (no faults generated)

    I have an M199 Munchkin boiler that fails to light. When powered up, it will repeatedly purge, fire the igniter but gas valve does not open. Gas pressure is normal, and hot water heater on same gas...
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