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    Step Down Transformer Question

    I work for an apartment community and I service very old Bryant 8 seer condensing units and old Bryant furnaces. I ran into a problem today that kind of stumped me and I was hoping someone could...
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    Thanks!! I actually talked with someone from the...

    Thanks!! I actually talked with someone from the local plumbers/pipefitters union and am going to take the test to be considered tomorrow.
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    Looking for work In Phoenix, Arizona

    I have recently re-located to Phoenix from Metro Detroit and am looking for full time employment. I have no in the field experience with HVAC, but I do have a plumbing and electrical background from...
  4. Hopefully there are plenty of employers looking...

    Hopefully there are plenty of employers looking for entry level technicians. As far as the hack stuff goes I'll have to keep an eye out for those companies. I worked in skilled trades in MI and...
  5. Any entrly level hvac positions in the Metro Phoenix area?

    I am currently attending HVAC/R school in Michigan and am set to graduate in October. Im looking to re-locate to the Metro Phoenix area and was wondering if there were any entry level positions in...
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