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    Is this a sign of an overcharged unit

    The Unit is a 13 year old 5 ton Trane that had the A-coil replaced about 3 years ago. First sign of a problem was the compressor wire terminal at the relay has burnt twice and then the capacitor went...
  2. House temperature vs register airflow question

    My house has never really gotten cold even when it was new even though the air from the registers is cold. For instance outside temp is 85 the temp in the house now is 79 and the air from the closest...
  3. What type drier to use when replacing original

    In another post of mine I asked about having my system replaced and I appreciate all the responses from you guys.

    I found the leak and am going to fix it myself but I would like to replace the...
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    The problem with THE replacement is there are...

    The problem with THE replacement is there are tons of different ones out there and I have no idea which replacement you guys keep referring too.
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    I would love to give that a try first. Can you...

    I would love to give that a try first. Can you tell me what drop in you are using with success. I am seeing a few different types and not sure which would be the best. Also does the drop work as a 1...
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    I have read about some of the alternatives but am...

    I have read about some of the alternatives but am very skeptical on whether they would work good. I did find the leak and can fix myself but hate to invest hundreds of dollars in refrigerant only to...
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    Options and advise on new 5 ton unit

    My house is 13 years old and I have a Trane 5 ton 12 seer R22 unit with gas furnace. I live in Dallas so it gets hot here in the summer. The liquid line at the compressor rubbed a hole in the line so...
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