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    Type 'B' Vent?

    I'm trying to determine if this attic vent installation (photo attached) is appropriate for a new wall furnace (Empire GWT-35-2; attached). For example, is the vent Type 'B'?

    Any assistance would...
  2. I called them many times while the labor was...

    I called them many times while the labor was under the 1-year warranty, until I lost confidence in their ability to adequately diagnose and repair the problem (parts have a 5-year warranty). The...
  3. Condensor Compressor Fails to Start on Hot Days

    I have a 2-year old 3.5 ton Carrier (Mod# 38CKC042) residential condenser unit with a SEER 10 scroll compressor. Every summer, on really hot days the compressor tries - but fails - to start; until...
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