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    rooftop package unt

    Your sister should start budgeting for replacement of that rooftop package unit. The typical life span of those units is 15 to 20 years. So, she is entering that window now. Expecially is...
  2. Sticky: Side jobs

    I dont like service techs doing side jobs. It takes away from my sales as a project manager and my company's profits. It also seems risky for the technician. If word gets back to management, that...
  3. Sticky: Ted, You should try to get working in a...


    You should try to get working in a service department. It is not as much install and more troubleshooting and repair. Start at the bottom doing preventative maintenance and work your way up...
  4. Sticky: Paperwork

    Talk about paperwork. I am on the sales side of the business. I spend so much time writing up proposals. I sell about 20%, thats alot of wasted time.
    Everybodies getting three bids these days. ...
  5. Sticky: Sales Engineer

    I have been HVAC field for 25 years. I am a sales engineer and a project manager for a mechanical contractor in Northen California. Sales have been diffiuclt in the last several years. I am hoping...
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