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  1. Airhandler makes ticking noise, even with no power

    I got a new American Standard unit a year ago. Soon after installation, the air handler would make a ticking noise apparently coming our of the condenser unit. Called for service and the condenser...
  2. Thank you all for your replies. Very helpfull to...

    Thank you all for your replies. Very helpfull to me.
  3. American Standard 5 ton condenser with 4 ton air handler

    I got a quote for a HVAC replacement. The dealer wants to install a 5 ton condenser 2A7A8060B with a 4 ton air handler 2TEE3F49A due to space restrictions in the closet. According to ARI standards...
  4. Payne PA10 compressor down, exchange compressor or replace the unit?

    I have a 6 year old Payne PA10 with the PF1M air handler. The compressor needs to be replace according to service. Would you recommend just a new compressor or changing the whole unit? Can I keep the...
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