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  1. Can you use galvanized pipes in a hot water...

    Can you use galvanized pipes in a hot water heating system ?

    I heard they can release ions and cause joint corrosion over time in a closed hydronic heating system. My partner said it is okay for...
  2. I sheared off the bolt thread on an old brass...

    I sheared off the bolt thread on an old brass Healey 1" water valve on a hot water heating system. I don't want to cut into the piping (terrible access, conflicting pipe types, pain in the arse,...
  3. A little more on TACO 007 and B & G NRF-22

    Hydronics Man and other folks, thanks for the tips !

    Another warning: LONG POST AHEAD

    You are right, the B & G is warranted for 3 years. That was another reason I reluctantly switched from...
  4. Circulator issue update

    Thanks again.

    Warning: LONG POST AHEAD

    Looks like problem solved. It seems to be working well. Plus, I better understand my boiler set up. Thats important because I am responsible for this...
  5. Circulator issue update

    Thanks again.

    I did a few more tests.

    On a cold start, everything worked except the circulator. There was 120 VAC at the circulator terminals on the body of the circulator. I heard and felt no...
  6. Circulator issue update

    Thanks guys.

    Looks like I scared oil lp man, sorry about that. I am not an expert but I have some tech backround, I listen pretty well and proceed slowly with great caution.

    I did short out the...
  7. oil lp man

    oil lp man,

    I identified the C1 and C2 (circulator) connectors with black and white wires. Also, I found the thermostat connectors as follows:

    TV: with a red wire
    W jumped to the TV connector...

    My hot water circulator problem returned (likely never left).

    The room thermostat initially turns on the boiler (igniter clicks, gas flow and flame all present and working) and the circulator...
  9. Thanks oil lp man

    Thanks oil lp man.

    I started checking voltages with an ohmmeter and was about to remove the circulator capacitor when...

    I found one loose thermostat connection (left by the furnace man). I...
  10. I have a Sears/Kenmore gas furnace hot water...

    I have a Sears/Kenmore gas furnace hot water heating system thats acting erratically.

    What works:

    1.) The house thermostat appears to work.
    2.) I hear the electronic igniter "clicking".
    3.) I...
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