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  1. HUH???

    Deja Vu! I seem to always come back to this point. Everyone in the business says don't set the thermostat down more than a few degrees. But your description above doesn't hold here. This...
  2. Solution!

    I believe I have found the answer to my problem so I'm going to post this update so the thread doesn't hang here unanswered. I believe I was confused by the way the manual presents the information...
  3. Smart Heat Staging/Electric Heat lockout

    I'm a bit obsessive at this point about keeping the electric heat from activating so I already have Smart Heat Staging on and set to 120 minutes and I have an outdoor sensor that locks out the...
  4. More detail and history. Hope you hang in a little longer.

    UGH! First and foremost thanks so much for responding and providing more clarity for me, even if it wasn't what I was hoping to hear. First, just in case I wasn't clear, I have no desire to do...
  5. Help understanding interaction of options on Climatemaster ATP32U03/4 Thermostats

    I have a one year old Geo system that is performing fantastically but am having trouble getting proper control of it through the thermostat to use it most efficiently. it was installed with a...
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