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  1. water

    thank you, my son (installs solar panels and is also a general contractor) lives in the west. He told me that so maybe the water is different out there.
  2. Licenses

    Thanks for the information! Are there certain licenses you need to have to do your kind of work in N. Carolina?
  3. skibme

    thanks, I'll keep using the drain water
  4. haven't left yet

    I'm sorry, just went off line because of lightning storms. Thanks for info.
  5. iraqveteran

    i have to go away tomorrow so I have to put this on hold until I get back but I would like to know who I should contact in the New Bern area.
  6. ref. leak

    the gentleman that added it said there probably was a leak but it could be anywhere and also hard to find. He was the one that gave me th 2 1/2 ton estimate.
  7. Builder grade

    That's what I fiquared, fits the neighborhood and because I don't want to upgrade anything more (did roof & floors) and the economy won't support resale value of house now. Love it here, but need a...
  8. 2 estimates

    I gave all the info they gave me and you're correct they are vague.
    I will ask both about replacing line-set or flushing them (what does that mean). How will I know I need a new system short of it...
  9. 2 estimates for new ac- don't understand either

    I have recently moved and now have a house with a 15 yr. old heat pump air conditioner. I have never lived where you needed an air conditioner so I don't know what either estimate means. My house is...
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