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    out of my mind!?!?!

    Am I out of my mind for working for my ex? lol, greenbacks is greenbacks. And she knows I work only with payment in hand. I have to get her to pay me back for the 7 years I lost somehow, lol.
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    Tempstar M#/S# nomenclature

    Hey guys, can someone tell me how to read an old tempstar heat pump model/Serial #? M:CH3024VKB1, S:L904171464. I'm considering doing a changeout for the ex-wife, and I'm 100 miles away, so knowing...
  3. Thanks!

    Thanks for the quick reply the other day!
  4. Thanks

    I'll check out the .gov site, I was pretty sure there were no requirements other than business license, tax id etc. I'm epa certified as well.
  5. Sorry, I forgot to mention, this would...

    Sorry, I forgot to mention, this would essentially be self employment for myself with no other employees
  6. Georgia State requirements for opening a strictly refrigeration service company??

    I've been a residential and commercial service tech for three years, but back in school I took a special interest in refrigeration, specifically repairing ice machines. I just want to know if anyone...
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    thanks to both of you for your answers. you confirmed my suspicions.
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    Trane 3D Scroll question

    I was working on a Trane RTU today, 3 phase, and the condenser fan came on but the 1st stage compressor did not. The compressor ohm'd out at 1.9 ohms on each leg, no shorts to ground. Applied power...
  9. Thanks!

    Thanks, I'll try that.
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    Newb here too, but...

    Wouldnt it be possible to route the hot gas from the compressor to a seperate water cooled heat exchanger and then back to the condenser, and then store that hot water in an insulated tank(water...
  11. Just finished school in Ga, looking for employment

    I just found this forum tonight, while looking over the relatively short list of posted openings for service techs in the Atlanta area. I've applied for probably 20 positions over the past month or...
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