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  1. Nervous about 2-ton AC for a 3400 sq ft zone in a new house

    Having trouble getting subs to pay attention to what my new house needs. Two different subs say they ran a Manual J on the same plans, but one recommends a 2.5 ton 2-stage unit and one a 4 ton...
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    Thank you jtrammel, baldloonie and comfortdoc! ...

    Thank you jtrammel, baldloonie and comfortdoc!

    I totally get-it about how important sizing and ductwork are. For the equipment, in my situation it sounds to me like a lot of the action is in the...
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    Carrier Infinity versus Ruud/Rheem equipment

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to decide between Rheem/Ruud equipment and Carrier Infinity for two systems serving a four-floor new house, one system for the lower two floors and one for the upper two...
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