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  1. Thank you for your time and advice. The...

    Thank you for your time and advice.

    The troubled circuit belongs to a mid-low temp/ r-22/ two pipe hot gas defrost Tyler Enviroguard rack. It refrigerates a 40 x 20 x 20 freezer by using three low...
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    Thank you all for the very informative tips and...

    Thank you all for the very informative tips and advice. I´m going now to try first assimilate all of your opinions before going into actual testing. By the way, the evaporators (3) are located in a...
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    Thak you all for your interest. The compressor...

    Thak you all for your interest.

    The compressor is indeed an air cooled semi-hermetic 27 HP Copeland Discus, installed in a low temp R-22 rack. The reason why I called it a "temporary" leak is...
  4. liquid returning to compressor after defrost cycle

    Yesterday I was sent to check the operation of a rack owned by a potential client. According to the site manager, there were reports from the previous tech regarding severe compressors icing up right...
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    Semi-hermetic head leak

    Is it possible for a semihermetic compressor to develop momentarily a leak in the valve plate / cylinder head junction, as it tries to compress some liquid refrigerant (liquid was returning due to a...
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    Rack hot has solenoid ajdustment question

    I´ve been told that the large throttling valve located in the discharge line of the compressors activates whenever there´s a circuit in desfrost mode: it partially blocks off the path of the gas,...
  7. breaker tripping but not grounded semihermetic Copelamatic

    Two days ago I noticed that one of the compressors from this rack was not running. I checked the breaker and found it tripped. After resetting it, the compressor tripped it again when tried to start....
  8. Adding oil to an old transport refrigeration unit

    Most of the time I work on rack systems, but today my supervisor asked me to replace the filter drier of an old light truck thermoking unit. This is the first time I get involved in such transport...
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    oil return system question

    Just the other day we had to service the oil separator in the discharge line since too little oil was reaching the compressors. We found out that, while the mesh screen was not too dirty, the float...
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    stuck Discus compressor question

    Late last night, I noticed that one of the parallel rack compressors had tripped its breaker. After resetting it, the compressor would try to start, but the breaker tripped again.
    I checked the...
  11. Discharge line gas condensing in parallel rack

    Dear folks:
    During the summer, the mechanical room of this particular rack was quite warm. Even with the exhaust fan running, temperature was between 85 to 90.
    Then, as soon as fall arrived, the...
  12. three oil related questions in supermarket racks

    I must recognized that my worst job-related nightmares typically deal with insufficient oil reaching the bearings. That is why I would like to ask three quick questions:

    1. Some of the older...
  13. hot gas defrost systems and evaporator/piping stresses

    I just read an article about both the positive and negative sides of hot gas defrost systems. Regarding the negative aspect: high thermal stress on both the evaporators and pipes due to cyclic wide...
  14. Low Temp walk-in freezer converted to cooler

    One of my boss´clients wants to use a 40x20x20 walk-in freezer (-10F deg) as a 32F deg. cooler. The evaporators (3) are connected to the low temperature section of a parallel rack. As my supervisor...
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    Shut-off valve leak

    I recently had to replace three 7/8 suction line shut-off valves. The type we had available at the shop was not the original "1/4-turn" valve that needs to br operated with an open-end wrench, but...
  16. Pressure regulator purpose in rack high pressure side

    The other day I watched my supervisor as he made some checks of three pressure regulating valves located in the high side of the rack: one in the discharge line right after the oil separator, one in...
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    Parallel compressor rack leak ?

    After replacing the SORIT kit and cleaning and oiling the TXV, one particular low temp circuit in a Tyler Enviroguard- 10 circuit- parallel rack didn´t pulled temperature down lower than 20F. As I...
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    Fin damaged condenser maintenance

    I have been asked to perform maintenace service to a large air cooled rack condensing unit located close to the sea shore. The first thing I noticed during the initial inspection was the very poor...
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    Thank you very much for your advice. To my...

    Thank you very much for your advice. To my delight, the temperature is now 0 deg. F.
    After realizing that:
    1. there were some empty pockets going through the liquid line manifold sightglass
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    Stubborn low temp circuit

    Fellows, I had been following as exactly as possible all the useful tips I receive from you about SORIT and TXV maintenance. But nothing seems to work with this particular R-22 -low temp -three...
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    I have a rack compressor which has not been used...

    I have a rack compressor which has not been used in a long time. I found it with valves shut and power lines disconnected. I checked the windings and seem OK. Oil level looks good in sightglass too....
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    Copeland discus oil change

    Thank you guys from all your responses to my oil sampling doubts. One more thought: whenever I change the oil of one of the parallel compressors, should I add up the same amount of oil I just...
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    Parallel system compressor oil test

    As I understand, in a parallel compressor rack, the compresor oil supply is being shared by all the compressors. For that reason, if I wish to test the acidity of the oil, I can take a sample from...
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    Flame type vs electronic leak detectors

    In a place like an enclosed rack room, where there are hundreds of possible leak locations,sometimes inches apart from each other, wouldn´t these conditions affect the performance of an electronic...
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    compressor terminal blow-off

    Recently, while checking a 3-ton r-22 Tecumseh hermetic compressor, I found that there was no refrigerant left in the unit, the terminal cover was not in place but lying around, oil was spilled all...
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    Sporlan Sorit 20 Cleaning

    I have noticed that some of the SORITS valves in a rack react quite smoothly to the screw sdjustments whereas some others look a little bit slow in reaction while others do not react at all. I...
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    Demand cooling in operating continuously

    I have three 27HP Discus compressors operating most of the time in Demand Cooling mode. Condensing pressures don´t look bad: 180 - 200 psi. I suspected suction filters cartridges plugged, remove...
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    Suction filters removal or re-installed ?

    As I suspect that the continuous operation of the Demand Cooling system of a low temperature 27 HP compressor might be related to poor suction gas intake, I have decided to try removing the suction...
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    rack novice tech follow up

    Thank you guys for your interest and advice.

    1. In regards to the relative distance between the rack and the evaporator which is giving us trouble, it is not really the most distant. But yesterday...
  30. Refrigeration supermarket rack novice questions


    I'm on my second day of rack trainning. Seems to me that my supervisor is a good tech, but not a good teacher. His answers to my many questions seem a little vague. That is why I am asking for...
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