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  1. Please let me know if this is in the incorrect...

    Please let me know if this is in the incorrect forum. Should I post under "Indoor Air Quality"? Thanks.
  2. 24x24 return boxing - joist - need a carpenter?

    One of the potential contractors for our job says that if the return is large enough to require cutting a joist in the attic, then the space should be boxed by a licensed carpenter. This guy says he...
  3. "Correct" mold prevention - attic AC only ducts

    Is there a preferred approach to preventing mold in attic AC only ducts? (We have snowy winters (New England) and baseboard heating)

    If we pick registers with the tightest kind of seal for the...
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    Thanks for all the responses so far! We'll be...

    Thanks for all the responses so far! We'll be sure to ask for the printed load analysis and we'll check out CoolSmart.

    udarrel: On the idea of longer run times for better humidity control -- the...
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    Help with New Central AC System

    We live in New England (RI) in a single level ranch house that is almost 50 years old. Outside dimensions are 50' x 26‘. We added attic insulation and replaced all windows last year. We have hot...
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