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  1. myth or fact about compressor positioning

    Ive heard many times that whenever we move into position any kind of refrigeration compressor or condensing unit, we must make every possible effort trying to keep the compressors uprigth. But, what...
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    Thank you very much for your kind responses. I...

    Thank you very much for your kind responses. I can see that there is a close relationship between the IPR and the OPR. From your explanation, I understand that the pressure setting of the OPR should...
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    OPR purpose in rack system

    I have been reading with a lot of interest the current discussion on the differential pressure regulator since rack systems are still a real puzzle to me. Now I have a question in regards to an OPR...
  4. oil return system in parallel compressor rack

    Dear fellows:
    Im trying to understand the theory of operation of the oil return system in a parallel compressor rack. Its my understanding that the oil is taken out of the refrigerant at the oil...
  5. Thank you very much for your kind comments....

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. Thats all I needed to decide what path I should follow. Im going to make sure to have a new plate and gaskets on hand before taking the compressors...
  6. hot idle compressor on parallel system

    Recently I just noticed that one of the semi-hermetic compressors in a supermarket low temperature parallel rack stays hot even after long periods on idle state. Even the stator cover stays pretty...
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    oil change in hermetic compressors

    Whenever I face a semi-hermetic compressor burnout, I follow the standard practice of blowing the piping with dry nitrogen in order to get out as much of the contaminants and oil as possible,...
  8. Liquid line solenoid valves in two stage hvac system

    Dear fellows:

    Ive always wanted to ask some expert about the reasons for installing solenoid valves in the liquid lines of a two-stage hvac system ( for instance, a 10 ton evaporator matched with...
  9. Good evening people, and thank you very much for...

    Good evening people, and thank you very much for your advice. By the way, they are Sporlan SORIT type valves.
    As suggested, I checked the superheat on each of the three evaporator coils that are...
  10. adjustment of parallel EPR valves in rack system

    As part of an expansion project, I had to change the original parallel connected EPR valves of one of the racks circuits by larger EPRs since the total capacity of the new evaporators was larger...
  11. damaged keyway in open-type compressor shaft

    Hi people:

    I have this large (30 HP ?) open-type compressor of european manufacture, maybe Dorin, which needs to be repaired. It seems like the bore of the pulley was a little bit larger than...
  12. Hussmann low temperature island defrost adjustment

    Dear fellows:

    Im having some problems keeping the proper temperature in a new Hussmann ISF low temperature island. The unit is used for frozen packaged fish steaks. Most of the time, the steaks...
  13. Doubt related to oil supply loop in supermarket rack

    Its my understanding that in a rack system the refrigeration oil flows from the oil reservoir tank to the compressors by means of the existing pressure differential between the outlet of the this...
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    compressor pumping peformance test?

    Dear people:

    Ive been servicing for almost one year an old R-22 four compressor rack located at a produce storage facility. Just recently, Ive noticed that the usual two compressors (one of the...
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    Oil viscosity question

    Hi fellows.
    The other day we were visited by a salesman from a new HVACR store nearby. Among many other items, he is offering us both 150 SUS and 300 SUS refrigeration oil for medium to low...
  16. Hi chilly and thank you for your interest. The...

    Hi chilly and thank you for your interest.
    The model numbers are as follows:
    Multi deck: HUSSMANN DDS-8D/G
  17. Hussmann dual temp cooler/freezer and deli cooler adjustment

    I need to start-up one Hussmann dual temperature supermarket island merchandiser and one multi-deck deli merchandiser. Both are R-22 self-contained type. Other techs told me that these units are...
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    meaning of R-19

    I just read in some sprecs the requirement of applying what they call "R19" underneath the concrete slab of the roof that works . Is this "R-19" just the tradename of is it the actual "R" value of...
  19. Thats right market!!!

    Thats right market!!!
  20. Sorry fellows for my poor wording. What I...

    Sorry fellows for my poor wording.

    What I really meant is that Im going to have to turn the equipment about 90degrees from its normal horizontal position so that its height dimmension will lie in...
  21. Intallation advice for Hussman open cooler and freezer

    Im required to install two Hussman self-contained supermarket aisle units: a freezer and a cooler. Due to door dimmensions as well as other fixed obstacles, Im afraid that neither unit will fit...
  22. At first, I was surprised too when the owner of...

    At first, I was surprised too when the owner of the supermarket asked me about such a job. But he said that in Spain, his country of origin, and in other Latin America countries where he also has...
  23. Internal inspection of Discus compressors

    Ive been hired to perform an internal inspection of several Discus compressors belonging to a refrigeration rack. They are both medium temperature and low temperature units, with the bigger...
  24. Thank you Brandewski and Cxagent for your...

    Thank you Brandewski and Cxagent for your answers.
    Isnt ASHRAE ventilation rates for banks more related to the public spaces rather than to the restricted areas of the bank?
  25. money receiving/counting/sorting area hvac system question

    One for the HVAC design experts:
    Im working on the preliminary design of a a/c system to be installed in an approximately 2,000 sqft money receiving/counting/sorting area. Heat load due to the...
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    Hi again. Ive been looking for any kind of...

    Hi again.
    Ive been looking for any kind of hidden islolation valve but there is none. What Ive got here is a very long pipe run from my separator, through the discharge differential pressure...
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    rack oil separator isolation porcedure

    Dear fellows:
    I need to pull open an oil separator located in the discharge line of a supermarket rack system to check the mesh screen and buoy mechanism. In order to isolate the separator, upstream...
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    suction line liquid refrigerant charging

    Ive been told that in those units using multi-component refrigerants such as r404a, if you suspect a leak, you should remove and dispose the entire remaining charge since there is no way to know the...
  29. hot gas defrost system liquid return problem

    Ive been reading a couple of very informative previous threads dealing with the following problem: liquid return through suction line after hot gas defrost period. My interest in this subject...
  30. liquid slugging or lack of oil in a failed TRANE hermetic comporessor ?

    The other day I got a service call dealing with lack of cooling from a TRANE 20 ton dual system. One of the condensers was working OK while the other wasnt working at all. I checked the troubled...
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    chilled water vs diect expansion system

    I remember from a seminar I attended a few years ago that there is a particular system size range in comfort A/C at which the short-term energy savings begin to offset the increased initial...
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    ThreeThermo King related questions

    1. By reading the unit log (thermo king CB), I can see increasing temperature pull-down times. Owner suggests the replacement of the existing engine-driven compressor with another of larger capacity,...
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