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    What a douche!

    What a douche! Why don't you just push her into traffic so it frees up 30%-40% of your time crossing the street. You say this gets rid of problem customers, I think they may be getting rid of a...
  2. Funny you should mention it, I actually am...

    Funny you should mention it, I actually am looking into a whole building dehumidifier as well. But, would my original idea be a worth while venture too? The VFD and other hardware seems to be low...
  3. Split temps good indication of performance?

    I'm asking for a friend of mine, so don't have every possible detail. When running his a/c, he feels it cools ok, but not great. It does eventually get his house temperature down (he even got it...
  4. 7.5 Package Unit, Feasible to use VFD to Control Humidity and More?

    Hello there. I own a small commercial building in northern IL, it's a newer single stage 7.5 ton package unit with a single speed belt drive blower, and (as a lot of people have) I have a bad part...
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