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  1. Large professional Residential HVAC companies???

    Does anyone have some great companies located on the east coast?
  2. Hi, does anyone know any nationally big residential HVAC service call company.

    I notice there are a lot of small companies but I'm searching for a huge corporation type of HVAC repair company. Thnx!
  3. Yea, he's trying to make a monitor to say when...

    Yea, he's trying to make a monitor to say when the filter is dirty, we already have an accurate working model we just need some info on why it is really important to have a clean air filter. Thanks...
  4. Negative Health Issues From Not Changing Air Filters?

    you know any?
  5. Replies

    How many people?

    How many people in the USA, own residential HVAC systems?
  6. Need Reliable Research Data, any help is welcomed

    So i am doing some research for my current boss's invention involving air filtration. I'm looking for places to find statistics around Residential HVAC systems, and specifically the filters. I'll...
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