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  1. Hi tnhikr44, flange ,pmeunier,revolver My...

    Hi tnhikr44, flange ,pmeunier,revolver
    My heartfelt thanks for the invaluable information. It has been an enlightening discussion. I guess I will be having a tough time resolving or convincing...
  2. Hi Revolver,pmeunier & flange, Thanks a ton for...

    Hi Revolver,pmeunier & flange,
    Thanks a ton for your valuable feedback. I really appreciate the quick response.

    There are a couple of things I'll need to highlight. The specification only says...
  3. Air Change in airconditioning systems - definition and calculation

    Hi, Need some advice as I am in a "disputed" teritory. I have asked my service provider to confirm if the Air Change for baby's nursery in a healthcare facility is within the desired requirement...
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