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  1. So where should I post?

    So where should I post my question?
  2. Stuck on wiring of Generalaire GFX3 Humidistat

    The Generalaire GFX3 Humidistat manual at

    If you go to page 2 WIRING TO 24V. HUMIDIFIER,
    this will show the wiring. Do you have to use a...
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    The system is cleaned every year. I am also using...

    The system is cleaned every year. I am also using a Merv 11 filter which York and the install dealer suggested 2 years ago.
    So the cleaning is not the problem for this furnace.
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    Ventor motor seized bearings and capacitor

    I have a York 2 stage 80,000Btu furnace with a ventor motor and a brushless dc motor (also called an Electically commutated motor).
    The furnace is 3 years old and cleaned every year by the installer...
  5. I just bought and installed a new Programmable...

    I just bought and installed a new Programmable Honeywell thermostat 5 + 2 model CT3200A on Saturday,June 3. Yes,there is a small hole in the wall behind the thermostat.

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  6. I had my 15 year old ICG central air conditioner...

    I had my 15 year old ICG central air conditioner (32000 BTU) checked today by a company. When they ran the unit on the furnace the supply was measured to be 51.9 and the return was 67 degrees...
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    Go get the 2 stage furnace

    The 2 stage furnace will run most time in the first stage.
    For my York high efficiency furnace there are 4 jumpers on the main board which determine how long the furnace should run in the first...
  8. beenthere, The Delay taps

    beenthere, I'm a Electricial Technologist, so I am used to working on high voltage and high current electronics. I work with dc to dc convertors and dc to ac convertors. Back to your response on the...
  9. vacdaddyt

    vacdaddyt, the funny thing is that the dealer said the variable speed dc motor should be left in the Vs G setting and the other ones shouldn't be used. Is your fan left in the low cool setting?
  10. Toronto,Ontario, Canada

    It is usually humid for half the days in the summer.
    Winter is cold. The air conditioner an ICG Climatizer
    ISCA-32. The capacity is rated at 32,000 Btuh. The indoor air is rated at 1065 CFM. Would...
  11. thermostat on auto cool

    So, if I leave my air condioning circuit breaker off, I should run the thermostat on auto cool. This will reveal how much air will be coming out of the vents for the air conditioning setting for the...
  12. Ok, what if I put it on low cool. How would this...

    Ok, what if I put it on low cool. How would this effect the air conditioning with the fan speed?
  13. I have a York high efficiency 2 stage variable dc...

    I have a York high efficiency 2 stage variable dc motor Affinity model (PV9B12N080UP11) 80,000 BTU furnace. My Thermostat is a normal one, not a 2 Stage type. The furnace stays on the first stage for...
  14. York reply

    The technician took off the old inducer(ventor) motor and discovered that the gasket was off center. He put on a new one and now the noise is gone.
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    York reply

    If you got a York system. See if you can understand the jumper settings in the manual. I got a new York 80,000 btu variable speed dc motor high efficiency furnace. It works very well except for a...
  16. I have a new York Affinity high efficiency 80,000...

    I have a new York Affinity high efficiency 80,000 btu 2 stage variable speed dc furnace.
    The model is PV9B12N080UP11. When the inducer motor comes on, I hear a buzzing sound and hum which lasts for...
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