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    HVAC/R education

    As an HVAC/R teacher I thought I would get your response to this general question: I think I'm doing a good job introducing brand new students to this industry, -we go over the basics of...
  2. NFPA standard for using electric meters?- gloves???

    Someone told me that according to a specific NFPA standard (I forgot which one) anyone within 16inches (or less) of 50VAC or more is required to wear fire-rated gloves. And these things cost about...
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    DDC and BAS concepts

    As an HVAC teacher I am constantly seeking new ways to explore and teach this subject, DDC and BAS. With the diversity of this particular topic, the number of manufacturers, it is very hard to know...
  4. HVAC/R Teacher Position Available in Chicago area (west)

    If you live in the western suburbs of Chicago, and you LOVE to teach, and you have at least an Associate Degree (preferably in HVAC/R), and you have a long work history in the HVAC/R industry (I...
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    thanks for the insight

    The factor was in front of me all the while. My problem was focusing only on the CFM. For high-temp systems a decrease in CFM will lower %RH, but that same decrease in CFM for medium-temp systems...
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    airflow through evap and humidity

    Here's a puzzler: the CFM/ton for high temp systems is 400. Lower the airflow and the end result is more moisture off the coil and a lower %RH in the space, like your house. However, for medium temp...
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