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  1. Agreed. This is the real problem. The...

    Agreed. This is the real problem.

    The Productivity Ponzi Scheme is hitting its limits. And with only a few exceptions like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, the super-wealthy are cashing out rather than...
  2. Wall vent fan thru exterior wall thru closet - how to do it right?

    This isn't a DIY question. I just want to know what kind of solution will work before I hire someone to do it.

    I have a cat feeding and litterbox area set up in a closet with an exterior wall and...
  3. Sanity check on replacing entire HVAC system in a 40 year old condo

    Hi, guys. I'm looking for a sanity check on a complete replacement of a 40-year-old HVAC system that still works, but which has developed a leak somewhere that's oozing through the concrete and into...
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