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  1. Question about doing commercial maintenance for EMCON, if anyone ever has?

    I work as a licensed independent contractor, I used to do commercial refrigeration as an employee, however working for myself I do smaller jobs, more like service calls that take mainly 2-3 hrs,...
  2. I worked for a company that serviced mainly just...

    I worked for a company that serviced mainly just dishwashers, and sold chemicals. A high temp dishmachine (one that does not use sanitizer) has to have a wash temp of 150F and a rinse temp of 180F...
  3. What is the best way to secure a ladder to a roof rack?

    I have worked in mechanical services as an employee for about 20 years but 3 yrs ago I started working for myself as a independent contractor for property management companies doing everything under...
  4. Looking for a specific Tstat for auxilary heat on heat pump system

    Anyone know is there a Tstat that will turn on auxiliary heat if the heat pump fails to satisfy room temps within a certain time period. I have a customer that is against installing an outside temp...
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    My personal experience with this topic used to be...

    My personal experience with this topic used to be what the starter of this thread was about 15 years ago, when I worked for someone else, not long ago it seems I started working for myself, and man...
  6. Question about a difficult to solder type of copper

    This is sort of a plumbing question, but I dont belong to a plumbing forum so I thought I would ask it here since I have been on this forum in the past and us refrigeration guys are very good...
  7. soldering stainless steel components to copper, what solder?

    What is the silver solder that is used to solder SS tubing to copper tubing, isnt there a percentage of silver in that particular solder that has the best adhesion qualities, like 50% percent silver...
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    You guys are killing me, museum piece LOL. I really liked the idea of having this thing, looks very chemistry class like, I think mainly because you can see the refrigerant. The one I have has the...
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    How to fill my dial a charge cylinder?

    I saw a guy using a dial a charge, charging cylinder. I do alot of critically charged stuff, so I bought one. How do I fill this thing, the instructions tell how, but it leaves a few open questions...
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