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    In our area city water connections are...

    In our area city water connections are disconnected after the system is filled to prevent glycol from backflowing into the potable water piping. Some systems have open tanks with a transfer pump to...
  2. My son is having his furnace replaced and is...

    My son is having his furnace replaced and is going to keep his existing a/c unit. It's an Energy Knight (Heat Controller Inc.) M# QEH-30-1, SN# 2890823214. I was wondering if anyone knows what the...
  3. Brackish water in heating system

    Water in hot water systems that has a swamp odor and very black is very likley acidic. This will corrode the seals in pumps, and ruin the seats in valves. Over time it will also eat through iron...
  4. Boiler condensation

    If this leak stops when the boiler water is up to temperature then it's not a major problem providing the drips don't interfere with the burner operation.

    I've seen swimming pool heaters drip...
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    Balancing Valve

    The valve in the photo is as already identified a lubricated plug valve. Your question concerning the center fitting...this is where the valve is lubricated. The manufacture (Rockwell) that I'm...
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    pipe labels

    Most jobs I tagged and labeled we used the adhesive labels and where they wouldn't stick we used the tape with arrows. The tape would completely go around the pipe and stick to itself.

    This was...
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    mixing valve

    I suspect the valve needs to see some flow before it can regulate itself.
  8. zone on oil boiler

    I was wondering if you have balancing valves on this system? Many times they are installed and never set. I did see on one occasion where the velocity of the water traveling through the baseboard...
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    local unions

    I've been in my local for 34 years, retiring three years ago. Our brothers & sisters pay $6.40 an hour for Health and Welfare. That's almost a thousand a month and our Health & Welfare Fund is/was...
  10. air bound

    There's no real shortcuts. Just trying to vent as fast as you're introducing the glycol helps. Let the system set for a short time for the air to get to the high points, bleed and don't turn any...
  11. air bound

    We've always put glycol in from a high point and let it down feed. Electric drum pump for the big jobs and hand pumps for the smaller ones.
  12. air bound?

    What are you calling a coin valve? I suspect your referring to balancing valves or possibly key vents.

    If your referring to balancing valves the slot is the same as the blade inside. So being...
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    fire stop

    Sorry jimhvac86. I misread your post. Maybe I better stick with steam.
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    fire stop

    I've never heard of fire stopping a flue. This sounds dangerous. Is the 14in B vent being used for a flue?
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    thermostatic steam valve

    Danfoss makes thermostatic radiator valves and you can remove the power head but the sensing bulb is about 5/8 diameter. These are non electric. If you can't get the bulb through the floor and the...
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    Leak testing

    Thanks johnparkwood.

    I've done a few test over the years.
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    leak testing

    I would pressure test with nitrogen first and if the service valves integrity is questionable you could sandwich a flat piece of plate between two gaskets and secure.

    We do this in the piping...
  18. duct leaks

    I was just curious Energywhiz, what is the status of the fire dampers? All commercial installations in our area require fire dampers with access doors at every location where the duct penetrates a...
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    tubing benders

    I always saved the instructions that came with the benders when they were new out of the box. Imperial Eastman and Rigid shipped them with them. The benders seemed to vary by manufacturer. Maybe...
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    United Association

    I've been in the UA for thirty fours years now and retired for three. I'm not sure how pensions work in other LUs but mine comes from our Local. We also put monies into an annuity starting in 1978...
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