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  1. I have a GMPN-100-4 Goodman furnace and 3500 watt honda Generator

    I just for a back up plan was wondering would 3500 watts is enough power to run. I didn't want to try it and something would mess up my board, than asked the question. Since it is a Honda and not...
  2. I thought that I would try this. This is solenoid...

    I thought that I would try this. This is solenoid valve operating magnet. You remove electric coil and slide the magnet on the valve stem. I heard the valve click, when I put it on. Part number is...
  3. I just wanted to let you all know that I removed...

    I just wanted to let you all know that I removed the coil and added a speacial magnet to keep the valve open for cooling. I just wanted try this.thx
  4. Ok It goes like this. When house starts to warm...

    Ok It goes like this. When house starts to warm up, I am not sure when I turn cooling on, if it is going to blow cool air or warm air, because the reversing valve sticks in heat mode. I can't keep on...
  5. I don't want to change the reversing valve, I rather change the whole unit first

    I have a 5 ton 10 seer goodman heat pump, still running fine. My problem is, now I don't want to use it as a heat pump anymore, so I took the coil wires from reversing valve, and put them right on...
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    Question about ground wiring in my house

    I just wanted some opinions,about my house,having the main ground wire connected to my copper water line. My question is,if my house was struck by lighting,would there be a chance that it would cause...
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    No I don't want 49% I just not aware the differences

    I've always left my fan in on position,because I thought it makes the temp.more even,plus the filter will do a better job,with the fan running,compare not moving any air,only on demand.
    I couldn't...
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    I've got a silly question about humidity

    I run my furnace fan on all the time for air conditioning.Now when I check my humidity, with Digital sling psychrometer,I get a reading 49% the temp. is at 76 indoor and outdoor temp is 86.Now my...
  9. I can't thank you enought,now I've got figures to work with

    My Son's pool is 10,000 gal. So its got me thinking, will it work.THX
  10. Thank you all very much.I can see,that I need a...

    Thank you all very much.I can see,that I need a good size lake.THX
  11. What size pool would take care of two ton heat pump

    This is crazy question,but just was wondering the size swimming pool or gallons of water,for two ton water source heat pump.THX
  12. It was 92 degrees outside,and my heat came on

    It was last Sat. the outdoor temp. was 92.When I came up from the basement,about 10:30pm,it was 85 in the house.So I took off the white rodger stat,and jump cooling ,and still the heat was going,in...
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    I have a return air question

    My house has ceiling heights in the family room of 13',and the same in kitchen. It is all open,no inside walls. My dining room is 13' and the same in living room ,and foyer. I build this house about...
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    Hi ther,since we last talked,I got a Honda Generator

    I got a EG3500X Honda generator,but still I wonder if will take care of my problem with the furnace.I have to lease wait until warmmer conditions outside.THX
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    Just a follow up,what I think happened to me

    I had a cord,from my generator only.Now when I think back,I had a total of 75-100' from the the generator.I tried to start it two times,and it tried,the hot surface Int.started,and the venter fan was...
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    Thx you all, for your help.When this happened,I couldn't think

    I hate to not use the welder/ generator.So you are right,look for conditioner to clean up my power,or have another generator on standby.Thanks for the information about Honda generator too.THX
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    For Senior tech's and Pro tech's

    I was like some 170,000 people without power,for four days.I had a 3500-4500 watt Generator / Welder unit. I could not run my goodman furnace,because of dirty power,bad ground,computer board. I have...
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    I thank you for writing back,but what is the differences

    I have worked on a few furnaces,and installed them as well.My neighbor,he has a 5500 watt gen. and it worked just fine for him.I think they are trane units.My alternating current coming from...
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    I really need help at my owe house

    We lost power,and I have a 8 year old Janitrol GMP100-4 condenser furnace.I hook up where the off and on switch is at,I by pass the switch and put power from the generator at that point.When it first...
  20. Thank You! I'll have a cold one for you

    It just seem like I had to set the stat colder .THX
  21. Is it alright to have a refrigerator in the garage

    I have a 8 yr old kenmore,and the condenser coils does have a fan to blow across it.The garage temp. now in the winter is around 47 degree .I notice alot of refrigerators people put the extra one in...
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    Can you add low heat on 90% furnace

    I've got GMPN100 that I've added a heat pump.I heat 80% of the time with 5 ton goodman hp.It will take care of the load in the house,down to about 22 Outside temp.I only have just one stage heat..THX
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    Can I move the flame sensor over and plug a burner

    Would still have hot spots,by pluging off burners.I don't need that extra heat,my main heating system is now HP.I make it second stage!
  24. Thx for your answers.I am not as good as Skippedover

    I 've worked on alot of RTU's,where you have alot of room to work.I've installed evaporator coils before,its seem like they are tight place to have to change a pan,without having to pump it down and...
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    Please read my reply,and thanks alot for your support

    My heat pump runs and takes care of the load in the house,down to outside temp is 17 degrees.After that it will fall about degree at 15 degrees outside Temp.So I don't need much heat,and it looks...
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    Can you add 2 stage gas valve to 90% furnace

    I was wondering can you add two stage gas valve to any 90% furnace.
    Can you plug one of the burners,if you are only useing the furnace for back up system with heat pump system.
  27. Can you change a drain pan w/o taking out the coil

    A friend has 1 year old Goodman 3 ton case coil.It is leaking,can it be changed w/o having to pump it down,and pull the coil.THX
  28. This a crazy question about gutter,and heatpump

    This my home unit.Last winter,one real cold day.The top of my heat pump grill where the air comes out,would freeze over,and began to block off the air flow.It is a 5 ton Goodman with wire grill,which...
  29. Thx again,Its on the east side nothing around it.

    Maybe its just me,but it is building alittle more than normal,before it will go into defrost.I think you are right,There a ls alot of moisture out there today.
    I'll just keep watching it,as long it...
  30. Thank you Mark for writing back.I've never seen it this heavy

    I've had this heat pump for awhile,and never seen it build up this much before.To me,it should go into defrost alittle sooner,because it is almost pluged.Solid white,and no air can get thru the...
  31. It is 35 degrees here,My coil has alot of frost

    I notice this yesterday and today.I thought that is was just from alot of moisture in the air. My heat pump has alot of frost,I mean covered enought,that the coil is all white, air can get thru...
  32. I really need to know when to turn off my h/p

    I've got both 90% furnace,and 13 seer heat pump.The only time my furnace comes on,is when my H/P goes into defrost.With the electric .06 and the gas .89 would it still be alot cheaper to let the...
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