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    maybe a restriction in the evap coil?

    perhaps the checkvalve in the coil is restricted, a restriction will cause cool small line when big line is feeding in hot as all restrictions do. yes about a hundred degrees to 130 degrees is...
  2. size you need is

    a 3.55329 ton. or rounded off to the smallest available unit closest to your requirement a 3 and a half ton.
  3. say what!!!!!!

    oh my gosh. You are a very lucky man. how exactly would you go about putting on an automatic ignitor without a corresponding logic board and safties to work as a system? no combustion air motor so...
  4. my humble opinion

    i'd go with an april air and a sanuvox ultraviolet light. no moving parts, filtration down to 3 microns, three year bulb warranty and a year of performance out of one cartridge. cartridges are very...
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    don't forget that new april air filter!!!

    do yourself a favor and put you in a april air filter. filters whole house through one filter. filter lasts one year and is less than 6 or 7 pleated filters and you'll never pay to clean ducts ,...
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    well worth the expense of pitting in the april air

    have your ac pro size the return duct to see if its big enough for the new system. add ducts and the aprilair . if needed now before the new system goes in then you'll be real happy both the 2200 and...
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    say what?

    i wonder what a psa is? public service announcement? prospective service agreement? possible service anomily? protective secret agreement? personel standby activator?potentially stupid...
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    use contractor c and ask if he can do it with trane equipment,

    if he can only do lennox its ok but lennox here will only sell to a few select lennox dealers so if you later need a whole new condensor or blower your stuck with your local lennox companies whether...
  9. must have been blowewr related

    we replaced the whole blower assembly and problem solved. the blower was one of the new plastic ones. havent seen one since guess they were a piece of ---- the manufactures were tryig to pawn off on...
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    do not buy a mini split

    mini split days are over. There are no parts imediately available for the repair of a mini split. there are no imediately accessible service techs at the factory that can guide you through the...
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  12. as i was taught at the rheem factory school two weeks in tulsa

    the trap i assume you are talking about is on the exhaust chimmney of the 90 percent furnace. the furnace s are so effficient that the exhaust gases can actually condense out an acid solution that...
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    you are now the man

    you have now worked on the furnace and are directly responsible for any and all malfunctions of the furnace from now on. you assumed the responsibility of being able , competent and legally liable...
  14. no

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    why use a filter at all?

    cheap blue fiberglass filters catch virtually nothing, why even bother putting a filter in? on the other hand a horse blanket makes a dandy filter but restricts to much air. so what we are really...
  16. one ton split system traditional ac needed

    does anyone still make a 0ne ton ac straight cool split system with a traditional airhandler and con densor that can be serviced and installed with a premium filter system ?i have had a belly full...
  17. temperature sluff

    there is a condition i have always heard of as called temperature sluff. spelling may be incorrect but basically it works like this. it gets cold and your heat pump is struggling to keep up, then...
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    icouldn't have said it better

    well said. i keep mine at 79 and sleep under the covers. that upstairs bedroom on one system is probably the heart of the problem. probably has to run stat so cold downstairs to keep upstairs bed...
  19. you missed my point

    the performance characteristics of an hvac system according to the manufactures charging guidelines require a specific subcooling and an ambient temp of 70 degrees or warmer and a house temp of...
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    price equals quality

    sounds to me like you got exactly what you paid for. a cheap budget half butt job . lucky he didn't take the wife home with him . why weren't you home to do mans work and ask questions? why didn't...
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    the guy did a good job

    lots of guys here that sit in the office and havent done a real repair job in years will criticize the tech but he showed up and did what 99 percent of us would do. even so he'll probably be back in...
  22. help ... twenty year pro lost in the new world of txv and 410 a

    i am finding myself constantly in the position of trying to charge or anylize the charge on txv equipment with 410 a and or r22 at temps outside that are 50 AND 60 DEGREES OR COLDER. we do a lot of...
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    i think starving for water.

    pressure can be good but volume insufficient to fill trough to proper level . the one i was on the other day filled for the limited time but not enough in the trough after it timed out to make a big...
  24. new tor rey deli case with a dead compressor?

    i got called out on a new tor rey deli case made in mexico i think and the compressor tries to start but clicks off at once. the start cap is good at 322 mf the relay is pulling in as i get a split...
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    stupid stupid stupid

    who in thier right mind would design any ac system with multiple filters throughout the house OR in the airhandler knowing what we all go through when they get dirty. who loves to clean coils? who...
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