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  1. LOL about the wife. Im going to look into...

    LOL about the wife.

    Im going to look into getting an audit done, and i dont hold you to anything you write, other than friendly helpful advice.

    I very well could have a leak(s) in the ductwork...
  2. The a/c registers duct work looks good(fairly...

    The a/c registers duct work looks good(fairly clean), however, im concerned about the main vent work leading off the air handeler and starting up into the attic. Smokers lived in the home before i...
  3. sinus congestion, crusty eyes, allergies a/c duct

    I believe me and my family have been suffering from some sort of mold in the house for the past few years, but im finally to the point where i im convinced its something in the house. I live in...
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