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    Insulating a chimney chase

    I have removed the siding and sheathing from the bottom of a cantilevered exterior chase for some renovation work. There is no insulation in there besides foil faced foam board sheathing, which I am...
  2. How do you clean coils on the large Rheem Classic units

    The model is RAPC-048JAZ, I unscrewed the top panel and lifted up the fan and held it open with one hand while I sprayed the coils with the hose, but there is 2 layers of fins and the water doesn't...
  3. Ah it's 66... I didn't realize there was only one...

    Ah it's 66... I didn't realize there was only one LED :D It goes from 0 to C then to 66.

    The unit originally had a Dynamic brand electric polarized filter installed but it was very dirty and I...
  4. I think it's an Aspen TXV judging from the...

    I think it's an Aspen TXV judging from the paperwork that was sitting next to it.

    Sticker says:

    P/N: 8406
    model: BVR32 48-CKX203R421C

    Engineered for use with Rheem and some other brand...
  5. Rheem Prestige inherited from previous owner

    I just bought a house and it had a Rheem Prestige Contour furnace/AC installed in the basement, dated 2005. It also had a humidifier installed on the air return duct, but the water valve to it is...
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